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For the physical development of the students and also for recreational purpose, a well structured, physical training and sports curriculum is in place at NEPA. We give intensive sports training in indoor and outdoor games such as Judo Karate, Football, Throw ball, Chess, Carom, scout and guide etc.



Art & Craft 


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Art and craft sessions at NEPA add to the holistic development by rendering skills and techniques to understand innovation and creativity through drawing, painting and designing. Each activity is objective-based to make students understand relevant things in life through a colourful way.



Yoga & Meditation


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body – at NEPA, we  strongly believe in this. We have meditation and yoga sessions for our students to teach mental relaxation, good health and to develop good personality.




Music & Dance


Music & Dance integrate diversity & richness in education. This way students at NEPA are able to understand & appreciate the variety of traditions & origin of such arts. They become creative thinkers & realise the importance & meaning of various music & dance forms through sufficient training.